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Category Archives: Recent Projects

AquaAir 6 Diffused Aerators Serviced in Thetford, Norfolk.

Our Professional Service Team travelled to Thetford in Norfolk to carry out a service on 3 AquaAir 6 units installed in a Reservoir. Our team carried out a full service on all three units which included full mechanical servicing, exchange of serviceable parts, piston rings, seals and a full system calibration. This was to ensure…
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Lake Wood Master Series Servicing in Colchester, Essex

Our Service Centre Team tended to two Lakewood Master Series fountains, one 3HP unit and one 5HP unit, in Colchester, Essex. Whilst on site they carried out the three-year service on the 5HP model to ensure it continued running at its very best. This included a full mechanical service, an exchange of serviceable parts, oils,…
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