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Stationary Pond Fountains

Stationary Pond Fountains, supplied and installed by Heathland Fountains and Aerators UK

At Heathland Fountains we have a wide variety of stationary pond fountains that are perfect for fixing to the base of a pond as a safe permanent fixture. These fountain units are ideal for water features that are quite shallow and are mainly used for display purposes rather than keeping fish. This is not to say however that these units are unsuitable for a pond that does contain fish as it would not cause any harm to any aquatic life within a pond.

Stationary Pond Fountains, plus Aerators supplied and installed by Heathland Fountains and Aerators UKAll of the stationary pond fountains that we supply and install are high quality and require minimal maintenance, which means that they will give you years of hassle free beauty and aeration. We provide a full professional installation service for all our stationary pond fountains, or if you prefer we can supply the fountains only and you can complete a self installation. These fountains can also have added LED lighting  depending on your preference.

Heathland Fountains Maintenance

Not only do we supply and install beautiful fountains, we also guarantee to be able to support all the fountains we supply and offer a full return to base 2 year warranty on our entire fountain range along with a 1 year on-site repair warranty, if we completed the installation ourselves. We also have a fully stocked in-house service centre,  available for all your needs and our expertly trained staff are keen to help in any way they can.

Reliable Stationary Pond Fountains

All our stationary pond fountains are expertly designed to withstand the test of time, but regular 2 years servicing will ensure your stunning display does not break down and will not need to be replaced. We have ensured that these units are not throw away items and they will last many years and give you value for money and enjoyment.

Lighting for Stationary Pond Fountains, supplied and installed by Heathland Fountains and Aerators UKWe can provide lighting packages for our range of stationary pond fountains, as well as different display patterns. Even though these units are all plug and play they also come with a range of controllers. The fountains' controllers offer protection for both the users and the fountain and give you the ability to control the timings of the fountains and any lighting that may be incorporated


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