Evolution Floating Pond Fountains

Half HP floating pond fountain for small ponds from Heathland Fountains and aeratiors Norfolk, Suffolk and EssexThe Evolution Series of fountains are ideal for anyone with a pond measuring up to half an acre. 

Floating Evolution Pond Fountain features and benefits

  • Simple plug & play operation
  • minimal¬†operating costs
  • Aerates up to half acre ponds
  • Operates in 510mm of water or more
  • Available for floating or stationary applications
  • Patented design
  • Reliable, no maintenance motor
  • provided in one box
  • Optional cable lengths & quick disconnects
  • 2-year Warranty

What comes included with your Floating Evolution Pond Fountain?

  • 1/2 HP, single phase fountain (floating or stationary)
  • 15m , 30m or 50m cord, or quick disconnect motor lead
  • Fountain pattern of your choice
  • Optional controller if required
  • Optional 2 leg anchor kit
  • Optional mooring ropes

Fountain controller information

(supplied when ordered separately only)

  • Fountain lighting for the Half HP Flooating Pond Fountain from Heathland Fountains and Aerators, Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex UK230 volt
  • Simple plug & play operation
  • IP65 enclosure
  • 24 hour timer for motor & lights
  • Photo cell for optional lighting
  • Electrical protection
  • A minimum 10 Amp circuit breaker is required on the power supply for proper operation & protection

Floating Evolution Pond Fountains can also included stunning lighting options

  • 3W or 9W brilliant LED lights
  • 9W RGB lighting
  • 4 lights per set
  • 15m , 30m or 50m light cord, or quick disconnect option for custom lengths
  • Simple tool free, clip on attachment (floating)
  • Available colours: cool white (standard), red, blue, green, amber, warm white

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