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Floating Pond Fountains

Floating Pond Fountains - Decorative Pond Fountains - Heathland Fountains and Aerators Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex

Astonishingly cost effective and reliable pond fountains! 

A pond fountain will always provide a stunning focal point for any landscape whether residential or commercial and a beautiful pond fountain display can help enhance the aesthetic appeal of any property such as a private garden, the grounds of a hotel, golf courses or even a pond in a local park.

At Heathland Fountains, the floating pond fountain is generally the preferred option for the majority of our clients as these pond fountains have several benefits over a traditional pump mounted to the pond bed. A floating pond fountain will reduce the suction loss,  meaning it can run 24/7 without loosing any display height. This in turn means that less maintenance is required with floating pond fountain models, as these fountains don't suck up large amounts of debris from the bottom of the pond like stationary fountains do.

Floating pond fountains

The floating pond fountains supplied by Heathland Fountains are not simply a pump with a nozzle attached. We have worked hard to ensure that our pond fountains are intelligently designed to have a clear passageway through the pump and propellers, so the fountain won't stall or get blocked. These pond fountains offer improved power efficiency as well and all incorporate high quality oil-filled motors that allow for extended motor life and more economical running costs.

Some of our long-term customers, taking advantage of our pond fountain maintenance program, have fountains that are still running after 10 years!

Pond aeration with heightened performance and lower costs!

Heathland Fountains are able to provide a wide selection of floating pond fountains so that we have something to suit everyone. We believe that any model of pond fountain should meet the following criteria;

  • High performance and flow rates.
  • Reliability and minimal maintenance.
  • Reduced blockages.
  • Product longevity.
  • Low running costs.

We're pleased to say we've achieved this criteria with our pond fountains and moreFloating pond fountains, decorative pond fountains supplied and installed by Heathfield Fountains and Aerators, Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, UK;

  • High performance - With flow rates up to 90,000 litres at just 750 watts, this is 50,000 litres more per hour than our competitors with the same 750 watt motor rating.  These increased flow rates will also provide your pond fountain with a heavier display meaning that your stunning design will suffer less from wind drift than some of the finer fountain displays on the market.
  • Reliability / longevity - All of our floating pond fountains come complete with 2 years warranty and offer high-end drives, using environmentally safe oil-filled motors that extend the motor life well beyond the average limits. We have seen installed and maintained pond fountain units still running after 10 years.
  • Reduced blockages - The cheaper floating pond fountains available on the market still use traditional pumps to transfer water, this means narrow chambers and fine grills that block easily. We have eliminated these and replaced them with larger grills with increased surface areas to reduce suction flows, coupled with the very same technology used in our high-end pond fountains, which means no jamming.
  • Low running costs -More up-to-date motor technology  means vastly increased performance and high transfer water flows without the electric bill racing out of control. There's no longer a need for large, inefficient motors with pond fountains, that burn power and move very little water.

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