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Floating Pond Aeration

Floating pond aerators - Aeration for water managment in ponds -Heathland Fountains supply and fit aerators in the UK

Pond aeration for a thriving ecosystem!

Flowing highly aerated water is a must for any healthy pond or water feature, as still water can become stagnant and unpleasant.  This makes our range of aerators a must for your pond and we have a huge range so we can provide a suitable aeration solution for everyone.

Floating pond aerators

The most traditional type of aerators are floating pond aerators. These aerators are simple, floating units that propel water into the air with very little restriction from the nozzles and this creates a high volume of surface circulated, crashing water. When the water collides the oxygen is transferred to the water and becomes dissolved oxygen.

High performance, low cost pond aeration 

Heathland Fountain's team of expert engineers have worked hard to be able to provide a range of floating aerators that are suitable for a wide range of applications.

We always strive to find the best aeration solution for you're needs we deliver nothing but the best both in both the aerators we provide and the services from our team. We believe that a good pond aerator should meet certain criteria and we believe ours surpass the criteria we set ourselves as you can see below:

  • Economised Running Costs - we've eliminated the need for large, inept motors that simply burn power and move small amounts of water. The motor technology we incorporate means vastly increased performance and high transfer water flows without the electric bill being sky high.
  • Reliability / Longevity - all our floating pond aerators come complete with 2 years warranty and offer high-end drives, using environmentally safe oil-filled motors that extend the life of the aerator well beyond the normal limits. In fact some of our installed aerators that we've maintained  have been running for more than 10 years.
  • High Performance - with flow rates set at 90,000 litres at just 750 watts, this is 50,000 litres more per hour than our competitors with the same 750 watt motor rating.
  • Reduced Blockages - Our pond fountains have larger grills with increased surface areas to reduced suction flows and the chance of blockages. They use the  very same technology as used in all our high-end fountains, and that means no jamming.

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