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Select Series Floating Lake Fountains

Some of the very best engineering captured in breathtaking water displays, a tribute to what can be achieved with the right knowledge.

The Select Series Floating Fountain produces an extraordinarily tall and wide fountain spray pattern. These units are built using the very best durable metal pump components, which are engineered to produce high pressure. This high pressure is what is necessary to achieve the full effect of the tall and wide spray pattern this series produces. The Select Series Floating Fountain is the range of fountains that are the foundation of our floating product offerings.

The Select Series Floating Fountain comes in a variety of different sizes, ranging from ;

  • 1HP units
  • to 5HP units.

Floating Select Series Fountain features and benefits

    • 11 different Fountain Spray Patterns Available
    • Stainless Steel Suction Screen
    • Available in three different configurations; Horizontal, Vertical & Stationary.
    • With Vertical configurations, extension tubes are available.
    • Quick Disconnects
    • Control Panel
    • 3-Year Warranty with the optional extra of a further 2-Years Warranty.

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