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All lakes whether large or small, commercial or residential can provide beauty and function. A healthy, well-maintained lake can give unbelievable amounts of joy to all who visit and provide a haven for local wildlife. To help keep your lake in the best condition some aeration is required and a fountain or aerator can provide this along with a beautiful fountain display as an added bonus if you choose the fountain option. Our range of lake fountains and aerators are perfect for:

  • Parks and outdoor venues
  • Commercial feature lakes
  • Golf course lakes
  • Fishing lakes
  • Hotels
  • Wedding venues

We believe that we should always take care of the environment whenever we can, so the range of aeration and fountains equipment we supply are not throw away pieces, they are built to last and intelligently designed to aerate the water within the lake at higher volumes than most other models on the market today.

We want to help you get the most out of your lake

Smaller lakes will be less affected by wind movement so can suffer from ecological imbalances. The water may become stagnant, have excessive weed growth and overall be very unappealing. At Heathland Group we can offer suitable aeration solutions to avoid this and to ensure you can enjoy your healthy, thriving lake for years to come.

We also have some brilliant additions that can be added to most of our equipment including fantastic lighting options, which means you can not only enjoy the sun glistening off your fountain display but you can also enjoy it all through the night as well. Our lighting options are all of the highest quality using ultra-bright low energy technology, which gives crisp colour to all the water displays.