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About Us


Welcome to Heathland Group, a company specialising in aquatic equipment for lakes, ponds and reservoirs.

Heathland Group is based in Norfolk, but supplies fountains and aerators and some installation and maintenance services nationally, to Europe and further afield. We specialise in providing fountains, aerators and all related equipment to commercial and residental customers. We also offer full installation services for fountains and aerators, along with maintenance options to all our clients.

We believe that it's essential to have a good relationship with our customers and that relationship helps us achieve the best possible results from any project. We listen closely to your requirements and note all the details, making sure that we involve you during each and every step of the project, however small. The processes we use and our excellent projects management team enable us to closely monitor progress and ensure that all fountain and aeration supply and installation projects run smoothly.

Professonial advice on the best fountain or aerator for your pond, lake, fishery or reservoir

We can offer our offer professional advice based on the best practices and options available for fountains and aeration equipment for your lake, pond, reservoir of fisheries and also maintenance contracts for future management of the smooth running of your fountain and aeration equipment.

We offer extensive experience of fountains, aerators and all things aquatic

We have extensive knowledge of aquatic environments and we want your lake, pond or water feature to look beautiful with a wonderful fountain display, but also to get the added benefit of aeration for your water body.  This keeps it beautiful, healthy and helps it to be  a great wildlife habitat for the future.

There are many things to consider water environments and we pride ourselves on our knowledge in this complex field, so you don't have to know everything. There is a huge gulf between what Heathland Fountains and Aerators can bring to an aquatic project, and what other companies that "do” water related projects can provide. Our knowledge can benefit you in so many hidden ways, such as savings in long-term maintenance costs, longevity for your fountain or aerator, fish health, and careful balance of the natural habitat and surrounding environment along with good water management, which enhances and helps the environment. Fountains have a dual role, one being aesthetic, the other offering some aeration to a water body,  but aerators are generally solely about water management and keeping your water healthy and we have a lot of expertise in this field.

We can supply, install and mantain fountains and aerators

Heathland Group supplies and installs a huge range of fountains and aerators, including some bespoke fountains to suit your requirements and we also provide an excellent maintenance service for the fountains and aerators we supply and even those supplied by other companies.  For further information on our fountain and aerator range, contact us on 01692 671951 or 0800 3891990 or email us at [email protected]