Winter fountains

water fountain operating in winter

Winter fountains

Water fountains are a fantastic asset to any pond or lake and during the winter they bring added benefits as they improve water quality, making winter fountains a great idea.

Choice of display patterns and beautiful lighting for winter fountains

The wonderful display patterns and the unique lighting options make these a desirable addition to any water body. In the winter months they also help to support water management in your lake or pond by keeping the water on the surface moving. This in turn stops freezing and allows oxygen to be dissolved into the water body. Many ponds and lakes freeze during the winter months and this can lead to a reduction in oxygen, fish stock dying and a breakdown of the ecological balance in the lake/pond.

Water fountains in winter provide essential surface aeration

This is why we believe it is important to have some kind of surface aeration in place throughout the winter to keep everything healthy and ecologically balanced. Also you get the addition benefits of the beauty of a stunning water display to a winter backdrop, which is always a bonus.

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