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Benefits of Diffused Aeration Systems

Diffused aeration systems are one of the best options available for keeping your waterbody in the very best condition.

During warmer periods waterbodies will tend to suffer from Thermal Stratification, Thermal Stratification is when the water becomes separated into layers. The top layer will contain oxygen rich, warmer water whilst the bottom layer is comprised of cooler, oxygen deficient water. These two layers are separated what is known as a Thermocline. The reason the top and bottom layer do not mix is because of the differences in density within the Thermocline.

Diffused Aeration Systems work by pumping air through the membranes in the form of millions of tiny bubbles, as these bubbles travel to the water surface through the layers of Thermal Stratification they entrain cooler, oxygen deficient water from the bottom layer up with them, this water then becomes naturally oxygenated as it reaches the surface.

From the circulation and aerating of the lower levels, toxic gases which would normally be trapped in the lower layer can be released provided a balanced habitat for aquatic life. This process creates healthy aerobic conditions at the lower levels of the waterbody where microbial processes can naturally break down nutrients which would otherwise be used in the productions of noxious aquatic weed and algae.

As well as creating and ecological balance within your waterbody the use of a diffused aeration system throughout the winter will keep areas open during the freezing months for birds and other wildlife.

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