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Welcome to Heathland Group. The UK's VERY BEST supplier and installer for fountains and aerators

Heathland Group is a long-established fountain display and aeration company, specialising in high quality, long-life, water fountains and aerators for domestic and commercial ponds, lakes, reservoirs and fisheries. All our fountains and aerators are available in a variety of sizes, making them suitable for the smallest ponds to the very largest lakes or reservoirs. Our aeration equipment is suitable for all types of ponds, lakes, reservoirs and fisheries. We are able to provide a full site consultancy service to allow us to compile a comprehensive, site-specific quotation for the fountain or aerator you require to keep your water body in healthy condition. We have helped many people across the UK and Europe to reduce and eradicate algal blooms, improve their water biodiversity and eradicate fish kills. All of these problems can be caused by reduced dissolved oxygen levels. We are based in Norfolk and work across the United Kingdom and throughout Europe, most of these fountain and aeration systems can be installed within a day, wherever you're located.

Fixed price quotations on fountains and aerators

We provide no-obligation, fixed price quotations on all fountain and aeration equipment with much of this being achieved with only a postcode or a grid reference provided by our clients. In some situations, we are asked to provide a system to resolve a complex aeration requirement for improving water quality. In this case, a consultant would visit the site and complete a full assessment, this would include water quality testing and in some cases, a bathymetric survey, to ascertain water depths and silt volumes. All site visits are handled by one of our technical sales staff, who will then follow the project through to completion.

We can install and help you maintain fountains and aerators

Our technical role is far from over when you purchase a fountain or aerator from us. Additional services may include our installation services which are highly recommended and guarantee your equipment is installed to the highest and safest standards. We offer a complete back-up, maintenance and repair service for all of our fountain and aeration equipment. All service requirements are handled by our in-house fountain and aerator service centre, which is there to help make sure your water fountain or aeration system is kept in the very best condition and performance levels are met for many years.

At Heathland Group, we offer the very best in customer service and will always go the extra mile to make sure our customers are delighted with their fountains, aerators, our installation of the fountain or aerator, and the overall service we provide. Fountain and aeration equipment is an investment and with proper care and maintenance, this equipment will stand the test of time and provide breathtaking water displays and/or the first-class aeration for the many years you expect from your equipment.

 Fountains and aerators designed to be safe & economical in any setting

All our fountains and aerators are designed for safe use in domestic, commercial, public sector, marine, leisure and tourism settings and other general locations including saltwater applications.

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Visit us on stand number HPI1450 and FM916 where we will be showing off the very best in fountain and aerators and the latest innovations.

Why choose Heathland Group for fountains and aerators

Heathland Group offers the very latest technology in foutains and aerators, guaranteed by its director, who has over 30 years in engineering and 20 years in working in the aeration and water fountain industry. Having worked in the fountain and aeration industry for so long, our director has had a wealth of experience working with many of the top manufacturers of fountain and aeration equipment so, he's been able to select some of the best products for their simplicity, reliability, strength and high performance. He has chosen Aquamaster and AquaControl as the  leading, most reliable manufacturers to work with. The relationship between Heathland Group and these companies is extremely strong and we make regular visits to the manufacturers to discuss performance results and product reliability.  These visits and the ongoing discussions mean that we can provide some of the best aerators and fountains in operation in UK and European lakes, reservoirs and ponds. Heathland Group is also proud to be the only company in the UK and Europe to offer a full "manufacturer-backed" service warranty package with all new fountains and aerators. We are also the only company in the UK able to offer a full in-house service and support centre providing clients with peace of mind that fountains and aerators supplied by us will be maintained to the highest standards ensuring that they continue to run at the highest efficiency levels for many years.


#alt_tagFountains and aerators from our range of well engineered fountains & aeration systems for lakes, ponds & reservoirs also bespoke fountains & aerators & solar

Fixed and floating water fountains

We offer an extensive range of fountains, and we believe we now offer the largest range of fountains in the UK and across Europe. Our fountains are suitable for all uses and locations from fixed stationary units suitable for water features, fixed and floating systems for ponds and floating systems for lakes and larger water bodies such as reservoirs. The entire fountain range is built to an extremely high quality and we aim to offer our customers the very best in reliability, low maintenance, and the benefits of our in-house fountain service centre. We have hundreds of fountain display options to choose from, many of them are interchangeable, should you wish to change display patterns at later date.  We also offer our bespoke fountain service and we can deliver the fountain display of your dreams, entirely to your specifications.


#alt_tagFountains and aerators from our range of well engineered fountains & aeration systems for lakes, ponds & reservoirs also bespoke fountains & aerators & solar

Surface and diffused aerators

As a specialist in aeration for ponds, lakes, reservoirs and fisheries, we are able to supply a variety of systems that will aid in both surface and subsurface aeration. Aeration is important in any water body, it will greatly improve the health of your fish stocks along with generally improving the ecology of the water in your lake, pond or reservoir. Aeration is one of the very best ways to reduce smells and unwanted odours that are caused by stagnant water and decaying debris. We also use our aeration products for some very special applications such as water purification sites, aerating effluent lagoons and creating weed and debris barriers. Our team are available to offer full advice on the best system for your requirements including complete supply and installation whereby we supply all control aspects and groundwork.


#alt_tagFountains and aerators from our range of well engineered fountains & aeration systems for lakes, ponds & reservoirs also bespoke fountains & aerators & solar

Bespoke fountains and aerators

On many occasions, we are approached by individuals for a bespoke fountains or aerators and aeration systems that are designed to meet special requirements. Using our knowledge of fountains and aerators, we are able to build to most requirements, either by simply adjusting our current range or by building a completely custom-made fountain or aeration system. Many of our custom-built fountains are produced for large displays, creating fountains that can produce a display over 30 metres in height and with total widths or diameters of 60 metres or more. Our bespoke designs don't simply focus on the requirement for fountain water features, but we also create a number of bespoke aeration units, where aeration is needed but used more sensitively. Everything is possible with vision and our extensive fountain and aeration expertise.


#alt_tagFountains and aerators from our range of well engineered fountains & aeration systems for lakes, ponds & reservoirs also bespoke fountains & aerators & solar

Fountain and aerators - service centre

One of the key successes of our fountain and aeration products is providing all clients with a full back-up service.  We always maintain the fountain and aeration equipment we supply.  This enables us to keep the confidence of our customers too. Its always important to us that we offer friendly services and beneficial support to our customers,  whether they are looking for preventative maintenance for their fountain and aeration equipment or for repairs to a damaged piece of equipment. All our staff are here to help from the initial call to the final repair, but we also make sure that the original sales contact is involved at all times to keep all processes running smoothly and ensure that the quality of our service remains at a high standard. The aim is to keep your fountain or aerator running for many years.


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